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Thank you for visiting our Website. Please join all of us at Dockstader Dental Lab as we celecrate 52 years of excellence in quality and service to the dental community. Dockstader, where craftsmanship and quality are a way of life, was founded in 1964 and is located Fresno, California. Dockstader is a leader in custom manufacturing of your Orthodontic Appliances, Digital and Traditional Crown & Bridge Restorations, and Partial & Denture needs, as well as appliances designed specifically for Sleep Apnea and Snoring.

After browsing our website, if you have any questions and you need to call the Lab regarding Orthodontics, Sleep Apnea or Snoring, ask for Gary. For Partial and Dentures, ask for Kathleen. For Digital or Traditional Crown and Bridge Restorations, ask for Marlon. If you have a billing question, ask for Judy or Kong. For prescriptions or shipping supplies, ask for Joann or Judy. if you need dental supplies or have questions about dental supplies, ask for Diana.

Lab: 800.433.7168 or 559.439.5160

Dental supplies: 800.829.1333 or 559.435.1333

Did you know that Dockstader is a pioneer in Sleep Apnea and Snoring appliances? In 2008, we received a 501k certification from the FDA for our Sleep Apnea and Snoring Appliance, Endsnor™, a Dentist prescribed medical device. We also offer Dorsal Oral, Herbst™, and EMA™ Sleep Apnea and Snoring appliances. Should you have any questions, please ask for Gary or Mike. You can also check out our website at www.endsnor.com

Dockstader is proud to offer a department that specializes in digital dentistry.If you have an interest in Zirconia fused to Porcelain restorations, Full "Zirconia" Crowns, Emax. Custom Abutments or Digital Bars for implants and overdentures, ask for Marlon.

We also provide PFM and Full Gold Crown restorations. If you are looking for a single, bridge or full-mouth restoration, we are always happy to accomodoate your needs. Ask for Marlon.

Do you need a Partial or Denture? Let Kathleen and her team take care of you and your patients' needs with our beautiful partials and dentures that will definitely bring a smile to their faces!

Did you know that Dockstader has a dental supply company? We offer supplies for both the Dentist and the Lab. We specialize in orthodontic supplies such as brackets such as brackets from GAC, GC Orthodontics and Forestadent as well as wires, screws, stones, plaster and alginate. For Crown and Bridge, we can provide implant abutments and copings, from Straumann and Nobel Biocare. If you are in need of dental supplies and are not sure where to call, please contact Diana here at Dockstader at 559-435-1333 or 800-829-1333. She will be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for!

Our office hours are 8 am ti 5 pm PT Monday thru Friday. We provide in-town pickup and delivery, and because of our arrangement with Federal Express , UPS and On-Trac, all of our of town Doctors can be confident of a timely turnaround on all of our Dockstader services.

In order for us to provide you with the quality and craftsmanship that has come to be expected of Dockstader we ask that our Dental Professionals provide impressions and models without any distortions. Accurate bite registrations and clearly written instruction on your prescriptions. Provide these requests and then sit back and we will provide you with a beautiful dental appliance/restoration that fits and is functional, bringing a smile to your patient's face.

At Dockstader, we believe in Teamwork, we would be honored to be part of your Dental Team!




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Attention Dentists!

EndSnor™ Appliance

Reduces snoring
Promotes deeper sleep
Improves breathing
No more interrupted sleep


This dental device is a non-surgical way to treat snoring. It is easy to wear and customized to fit each individual patient.

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Crowns and Bridges

Fit, strength and beauty that make a differrence.

Fit: Precision computer design system results in excellent fit

Strength: Zirconia provides high strength performance and reliability

Beauty: Natural translucency and patented shading system produce unmatched esthetics

Give your Patients' the Smile of a Brighter Future.

Dockstader Dental Retainers - Thermal Retainers


DDR 100
Hawley wire with (2) Ball Clasps/(2) C Clasps

DDR 200
Hawley wire with (2) Adams Clasps

DDR 300
Soldered Hawley

DDR 400
Wrap Around

Color, Glitter, Pattern:

Click here for Color Chart



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