We at Dockstader Milling Center is pleased to offer Dental Labs across the San Joaquin Valley and beyond, the 3M ESPE Lava™ zirconia coping and bridge framework.

Our technological partnership with 3M enables us to bring you the brilliance in the science of making the precise and esthetic Lava understructures you need.

Simply send Dockstader Milling Center your die-trimmed models for fabrication. All you have to do is "unpack and stack" the milled copings or frameworks for a precision fit; with the strength and beauty that makes a difference for your clients.

Dockstader & 3M ESPE Lava™ give you the confidence and piece-of-mind that your Lava™ copings and frameworks are manufactured according to 3M ESPE Lava™'s training & guidelines, using only 100% genuine 3M ESPE materials.

Need more information, call us at
1800-433-7168 and ask for our Lava Dept.

How does the future of digital impressioning affect Dental Labs?

This is the transformation from conventional to digital dentistry. Soon some very tangible processes will go away with digital impressioning: shipping of impression from dentist to lab, disinfection of impression, pouring impressions, base and point model. die cutting, trimming and articulation.

This digital impressioning will take you out of the stone age into infinite possibilities.


What can Dental Labs do today with this technology evolution?

Outsourcing made easy...as 123.
Simply send the design and milling of the coping or framework to us at Dockstader, an Authorized Lava™ Milling Center.

You will receive the best canvas possible for your porcelain artistry - coping or framework in a natural dentin shade.

Possible Endless Indications

Single Crowns
Splinted Crowns
3, 4, 5 or 6 Unit(s) Bridges
Cantilever Bridge
Inlay or Onlay Bridge
Maryland Bridge
Primary Telescop
Lava™ Zirconia for Implant Abutments


Now you can easily verify Lava™ Zirconia!

3M ESPE is stepping in to help Dental Labs protect their reputation and ensure that dentists are receiving the Lava restoration they prescribed and paid for by developing a new security technology.

1 Dentist prescribes genuine Lava zirconia

2 Authorized Lava™ Milling Centers include the new authentication label with restoration

3 Dentist and lab look for authentication label with coping or finished restoration

4 Dentists can verify authenticity at www.3MESPE.com/lava and click on "Authenticate Your Lava Restoration"

Click here for authentication


Dockstader Lava Milling Center Requirements for Lava Copings:

How to Prep your case(s) before sending it to us. Click Here

How to send cases to us?

Most cases are done in 2 working days and shipped out the following day, either with our in-town pick up/delivery, our contracted courier provider Federal Express or OnTrac (within the greater area of CA).

Your lab is only responsible to cover shipping costs to Dockstader and Dockstader will cover the shipping costs of returning the completed case back to your lab.

Call 1800-433-7168 to request RX pads.

Dockstader RX
Please print & attach with case.






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Guides for Dental Labs

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2 Lava™ Shade Conversion

3 Lava Technical Profile

4 Today's Digital Workflow Options

5 Price List for Dental Labs

If you have any questions or needed more information, feel free to contact our staff via email or simply call 1800-433-7168.

Milling Department
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Sales and Marketing
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The above information used with permission from 3M Lava ESPE.

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