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Due to its excellent mechanical and optical characteristics, 3M™ ESPE Lava Zirconia can be used for a wide range of indications.

There is zirconia. And then there is Lava™ Zirconia.

Not all zirconia is created equal. Yes, zirconia can be chemically similar, but once processed, the mechanical and optical characteristics can be significantly different. Which can mean a significant difference in the final restoration for your patients.

3M ESPE's material science meets advanced digital technology.

  • Processed differently with a trade-secret formulation designed to enhance the translucency, marginal fit and strength

  • Excellent marginal fit that has been clinically documented

  • Optimal strength and translucency

3M has over 25 years of zirconia research and technology. Over the past five years, we have conducted numerous in vitro and in vivo studies around the world showing an excellent performance of Lava restorations in:



Pictures used here with permission by 3M.

Single Crowns

Splinted Crowns

3 unit Bridges

4 unit Bridges

5 unit Bridges

6 unit Bridges


Inlay Bridges & On lay Bridges (excluded for patients with bruxism)

Maryland Bridges (exclude for patients with bruxism)



Lava™ Zirconia for implant abutments & Handling Guide for Cementation and Sterilization

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Special Highlights

EndSnor™ Appliance

Reduces snoring
Promotes deeper sleep
Improves breathing
No more interrupted sleep


This dental device is a non-surgical way to treat snoring. It is easy to wear and customized to fit each individual patient.

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Dockstader Dental Retainers


DDR 100
Hawley wire with (2) Ball Clasps/(2) C Clasps

DDR 200
Hawley wire with (2) Adams Clasps

DDR 300
Soldered Hawley

DDR 400
Wrap Around

Color, Glitter, Pattern:

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