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Orthodontic Products List


Retainers - Removable



Hawley-Labial wire, 2 C clasps or rests  

TMJ Splint

Hawley-Labial wire 2 Adams  

Bruxism Splint

Hawley with springs or bite planes  

Gelb Splint

Wrap-around-with support wires  

W Splint

Soldered Hawley  

Pro-form Soft Nite Guard

Spring retainer  

Athletic Mouth Guard

Spring retainer with Hawley  

Luco Splint - lo

Bite Plane Retainer  

Mora Splint


Habit Appliance acrylic


Bleaching Tray


Habit Appliance prong


Bleaching Block

Invisible retainer  


Space Maintainer  

Surgical Splint with/without wire

Hawley with teeth  

Tanner lower







Modified Adams Clasps







Stayplate Flipper Removable


Study Models


Stayplate basic


Patient Diagnostic/Presentation Models


Saddle tooth


Progress or final models for storage


Kiddie Partial



- Pour & Trim


Duplication of your working models per set





Retainers - Fixed


Expansion Appliances


Your bands or Our Bands


Midline expansion-Labial wire, Retention, 1 or 2 screws


Bonded 3x3, 4x4, 5x5




3x3, 4x4, 5x5


Sectional expansion-Labial wire, Retention 1 or 2 screws




3 way expansion


6x6 horizontal sheath




6x6 vertical sheath




Band & Loop


Sagittal-W type:- P type or BG type


Nance (Palatal Button)


3 screw Sagittal-W type:- P type or BG type


Nance Palatal Bar


Transverse-W type


Palatal Bar




Quad Helix Fixed




Habit Appliance Fixed


Closing screw


Herbst Appliance


Fan Screw upper


E. Arch


Ram Appliance


CD Distillizer





Pendulum Appliance


Functional Appliances


Quad Helix Removable - Horizontal




Quad Helix Removable - Vertical






Bio Finisher


Removable Lip Bumper




Space Regainer 1 Band


Twin Block™ Standard


Spahl Split Vertical


Twin Block™ to Open Bite


Fixed Stayplate


Twin Block™ to Close Bite


Lingual arches | [Trambone]


Twin Block™ Sagittal



Rapid Palatal Expanders


Twin Block™ Fixed







Haas RPE


Indirect Bracketing


Super Screw RPE





Bonded RPE




Nitanium Palatal Expander


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Special Highlights

Lava™ Crowns and Bridges

Fit, strength and beauty that make a differrence.

Fit: Precision computer design system results in excellent fit

Strength: Lava zirconia provides high strength performance and reliability

Beauty: Natural translucency and patented shading system produce unmatched esthetics

Give your Patients' the Smile of a Brighter Future.

Click here for the endless indications of the Lava System

EndSnor™ Appliance

Reduces snoring
Promotes deeper sleep
Improves breathing
No more interrupted sleep


This dental device is a non-surgical way to treat snoring. It is easy to wear and customized to fit each individual patient.

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Dockstader Dental Retainers


DDR 100
Hawley wire with (2) Ball Clasps/(2) C Clasps

DDR 200
Hawley wire with (2) Adams Clasps

DDR 300
Soldered Hawley

DDR 400
Wrap Around

Color, Glitter, Pattern:

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