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Display A World of Exciting Color Possibilities.

They're so cool that they're hot, the hottest, most requested type of appliance that we produce. Splashmaster color appliances from Dockstader Orthodontic Lab are a hit with patients of all ages.

With dazzling colors and patterns from aqua blue to zebra, your patients will flip over Splashmaster appliances.

Display our dynamic "color selector" poster in your office and show your patients how you can add a little 'pizzazz' to their retainer. You will see excitement in their eyes. Your patients can choose a color or pattern directly from the Splashmaster poster or ask for a creation of their very own.


Click here to request Splashmaster color selector poster.

Best of all, Splashmaster is from Dockstader where all of our appliances are produced of the highest quality acrylics and wires available. Each and every appliance is hand crafted by Dockstader's team of expert technicians so you can rest assured of a quality with a precision fit each and every time.

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