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Special Highlights

Lava™ Crowns and Bridges

Fit, strength and beauty that make a differrence.

Fit: Precision computer design system results in excellent fit

Strength: Lava zirconia provides high strength performance and reliability

Beauty: Natural translucency and patented shading system produce unmatched esthetics

Give your Patients' the Smile of a Brighter Future.

Click here for the endless indications of the Lava System

EndSnor™ Appliance

Reduces snoring
Promotes deeper sleep
Improves breathing
No more interrupted sleep


This dental device is a non-surgical way to treat snoring. It is easy to wear and customized to fit each individual patient.

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Dockstader Dental Retainers


DDR 100
Hawley wire with (2) Ball Clasps/(2) C Clasps

DDR 200
Hawley wire with (2) Adams Clasps

DDR 300
Soldered Hawley

DDR 400
Wrap Around

Color, Glitter, Pattern:

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